Kandiyohi County Parks


Seasonal campsite registration begins Saturday, January 7th by phone.
Online registration will be available in the future.

Welcome to Kandiyohi County! A convenient place to vacation and enjoy the many fresh-water lakes in which boating, fishing, and camping can be accomplished easily from any of the six county parks.

Kandiyohi County has a rich history of Indian culture for you to explore. KANDIYOHI is an Indian word meaning "where the buffalo fish abound." The county of Kandiyohi was in the middle of a hunting and fishing ground used by both the Sioux and Chippewa tribes of the plains. We invite you to come and explore the present, and the past of Kandiyohi County.

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Big Kandiyohi LakeCounty Park WEST

14391 - 45th Street SE
Lake Lillian, MN 56253

Compass smallmap 320-995-6599
Big Kandiyohi LakeCounty Park EAST 9144 - 123rd Ave SE
Lake Lillian, MN 56253
Compass smallmap 320-664-4707
Diamond Lake County Park 6920 County Rd 4 NE
Kandiyohi, MN 56251
Compass smallmap 320-974-8520

Saulsbury Beach County Park
  Compass smallmap N/A
Green Lake County Park 12381 North Shore Drive
Spicer, MN 56288
Compass smallmap 320-796-5564
Games Lake County Park 20944 County Road 5 NW 
New London, MN 56273
Compass smallmap 320-354-4453


Check out what we have to offer

  Big Kandi West Big Kandi East Diamond Lake Saulsbury Beach Green Lake  Games Lake
Restaurant            X
Water  X X   X    X  X
Sewer      X    X  
Electricity  X  X  X    X  X
Dump Station  X  X  X      X
Showers  X  X  X    X  X
Toilets  X  X  X   X  X  X
Beach *  X  X  X *X  X *X
Boat Access  X  X  X   X  X  X
Boat Rental            X
Bait  X  X  X    X  X
Camp Store  X  X  X    X  X
Game Room          X  X
Playground  X  X  X    X  X
Camping Pads  X X   X    X  X
Seasonal Rates   X  X  X    X  
Picnic Area  X  X  X  X  X  X
Shelter  X  X  X    X  X
Gas  X  X  X    X  X
Snack Bar     X   X  X
Availibity of Internet * For a Fee X X     X X

*Lifeguard Hours 1:00 - 5:00, 6:00 - 8:00

                                         Kandiyohi County Parks                                                  

Big Kandiyohi Lake County Park West is located on the west side of Big Kandiyohi Lake.  The lake is known for northern, walleye, bullhead, and crappie fishing year round.  In the spring of the year, the park is known for its excellent crappie fishing in the bay, next to the park.  PARK 1 has 94 campsites. Seasonal rates available. PARK 1 is located 10 miles south of Willmar.

Big Kandiyohi Lake County Park East located on the east side of Big Kandiyohi Lake, has an excellent sandy swimming beach and access to shoreline fishing.  Walleye, northern, crappies, and bullheads can be caught from shore here as well as from a boat.   Located 18 miles south of Willmar, or 6 miles north of Lake Lillian on County Road 8.  PARK 2 has 80 campsites. Seasonal rates available.  www.kandipark2.com

Diamond Lake County Park located on the western shore of Diamond Lake is know for its lunker walleyes and scrappy northerns.  PARK 3 is approximately 4 miles north of Atwater or 6 miles southeast of Spicer.  PARK 3 has 80 campsites.  Seasonal rates available.

Saulsbury Beach County Park located on the southern shore of Green Lake in Spicer has an excellent swimming beach and a shady picnic area.  There are changing rooms and toilet facilities available to the public.  A boat access is adjacent to the park.

Green Lake County Park on the northeastern shore of Green Lake, is known for its clear water and wonderful fishing with guide service available. PARK 5 is located 5 miles north of Spicer.  PARK 5 has 61 campsites. Seasonal rates available.  Open usually on fishing opener. Check with managers on dates.

Games Lake County Park located on the east shore of Games Lake, is part of the "Norway chain of lakes," four lakes totaling 2800 acres, and provides an excellent fish population.  Located 14 miles north of Willmar on County Road 5.  PARK 7 has 56 campsites.

 Kandiyohi County Home   |    2017 County Park Policies And Fees   

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