County Office Building
400 SW Benson Avenue
Willmar, MN  56201
is located 100 miles west of the Twin Cities, where the rolling prairies meet the lakes. The southern part of the county is rich in agricultural crop production, while the northern areas attract many tourists to the sparkling lakes and parks. The county is home to 41,000 people, with nearly half of them living in the county seat,Willmar.  An excellent library system and medical comm unity, as well as a diverse bu siness district, make it a regional center that supports many of the services nee ded by the people in surro unding communities. Agri-business provides many jobs and forms the basi s for the county's economy.


505 SW Becker Avenue
Willmar, MN  56201


Health & Human Services
2200 23rd Street NE
Willmar, MN  56201


Highway / Public Works
1801 East Highway 12
Willmar, MN  56201
15650 - Hwy 71 NE
New London, MN  56273
Law Enforcement
2201 23rd Street NE
Willmar, MN  56201
Recycling / Household 
Hazardous Waste
1404 22nd Street SW
Willmar, MN  56201
Rescue Squad
213 Lakeland Dr NE
Willmar, MN 56201
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