County Jail



The Kandiyohi County Jail provides for the safe, secure and humane detention of offenders in Kandiyohi County.
To fulfill this responsibility, the Kandiyohi County Jail shall follow the standards established by the Minnesota Department of Corrections, Minnesota State Statutes, and the United States Constitution.



We are committed to the following principles

  •  Staff is our greatest resource and we will provide training to accomplish a safe, secure and humane environment.

  • All persons are held accountable for their behavior.

  • The preservation of basic human rights and the dignity of the public, staff and inmates.

  • An atmosphere that encourages positive behavior and the integration of responsible individuals who are returning to our community.

The Kandiyohi County Jail is an integral part of the criminal justice system. We strive to cooperate with other agencies, promote mutual respect, and welcome community involvement. We are a credit to our profession and source of pride to our county.

Visiting Hours

Inmates will visit with friends and family from a video visitation terminal in their housing unit. Friends and family will visit from a similar visitation terminal in the public visitation room located in the administration lobby of the Sheriff's office. These visits are referred to as onsite or public visitations. The new system will allow visitors to still come to the jail for visitation and it will now also allow friends and family to conduct a remote or at-home visit from home using smartphone/tablet or a computer with webcam and high speed internet connection.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • How often can I visit inmates?
         Each inmate is allowed one thirty minute visit from friends or family members daily every 8 hours.
  • Do I need  to come at a certain time to see my inmate?
         Friends and family can visit with inmates during any time visitation is allowed. Public visitation hours are: 
    • Monday 8:30-11:00 am  |  12:30-1:45 pm  |  2:15-4:00  pm I 6:30 – 9:00 pm
    • Tuesday 8:30-11:00 am  |  12:30-1:45 pm  |  2:15-4:00  pm I 6:30 – 9:00 pm
    • Wednesday 8:30-11:00 am  |  12:30-1:45 pm  |  2:15-4:00  pm I 6:30 – 9:00 pm
    • Thursday 8:30-11:00 am  |  12:30-1:45 pm  |  2:15-4:00  pm I 6:30 – 9:00 pm
    • Friday 8:30-11:00 am  |  12:30-4:00  pm
    • Friday 6:30 – 9:00  (web visitation only
  • Do I need to schedule my visit or can I just show up?
    You will need to register at the website This can also be done in our lobby. You will then create a   free user account (if you don't already have one). You may then log in and request a visit.
  • Is there a charge for video visitation?
    • Each inmate will receive one free onsite visit every 8 hours.
    • Inmates can receive remote/at-home visits. At-home visits cost $ .39 per minute, paying for only the number of minutes used.
  • What do I  need to do to visit from home? 
    You can conduct visits using an Apple or Android phone or tablet. You can also use a computer with high speed  internet access and a webcam.
         You will need to do the following:
    1. Create a visitation account at
    2. Request access to visit Kandiyohi County Jail. Then select the inmate you wish to  visit.
  • Visitation Rules (applies to facility visits and remote web visits)

Upon entry to the institution for visitation, all personal property (cell phones, purses, diaper bags, etc.) must be secured in your vehicle.  Any visitation misconduct will lead to loss of visiting  privileges.  All visitors must be fully clothed.  Any attire that exposes the body to the degree that it violates appropriate dress for a public facility will not be permitted.  The visitation monitoring staff will determine what appropriate visiting dress is.  The staff’s decision is final.  Visitors who are refused will have the opportunity to leave the facility in order to change clothing and return for a visit without penalty.  Additional guidelines include, but are not limited to:
a)           All visitors must wear undergarments

 b)           No spandex/lycra, leggings, or other form fitting clothing

 c)           All shorts, skirts, dresses, or slits in skirts/dresses must be mid-thigh or longer when seated

d)            No low-cut or v-cut, scoop necklines, or other tops with allow cleavage to show

e)            No halter tops, croptops, tank tops, tops with cut-out backs, or tops with large armholes whichreveal undergarments

f)             No sheer or see-through clothing

  • Is there anything else I should know?
         Here is some other helpful information:
    1. There will be NO age restriction for visitation. However, ALL visitors 17 years of age and under must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian during all visits. Proof of this may be requested before or during any visitation. (Proof needed will be a Birth Certificate for parents or court papers for legal guardians)
    2. Identification ID will be required for ALL visitors. Acceptable forms of ID will be, but not limited to, Driver's License, State ID cards, School ID, and Military ID. Other forms of photo ID may be accepted if valid.
    3. Children not allowed to visit may not be left unattended in the lobby.
    4. Any visitor who is currently on probation, must get permission from their probation officer to visit.
    5. If you have any questions about visiting from home, visit for further information.


To drop off money for an inmate, please come to the entrance of the Kandiyohi County Jail and follow into the building. There is a money Kiosk that accepts bills only, no coins can be accepted. This money will be applied to the Inmates account immediately. Money can also be placed on accounts online at


Pay for Stay is a fee that is charged for any “time” that an inmate does in jail once they are SENTENCED. When an inmate returns to the jail to begin their jail time, they will sign a form acknowledging that they understand that there will be a fee or $20.00 per day for every day that they are in jail. There is an option of paying at the end of their jail time at a 20% discount if it is paid in full within seven days of release. After the seven day grace period,the full amount is due and will be turned over to a collection agency.


Offenders that are given the privilege of Huber- Work Release MUST meet with Program Staff prior to starting their jail time. Any inmate that does not report prior to beginning their sentence will be held in until employment and paperwork are verified and completed. You may contact Program Staff at 320-214-6700 X3616 or x3627, Monday through Friday.


Bail may be posted by coming to the front lobby of the jail. Request to speak with the Sergeant on duty, as they will then begin the process of paperwork. Bail must be in the form of cash or money order (no personal checks or credit cards will be accepted). You may also utilize a Bail Bondsman if that is an option of the court order. Bail bonds are located in the telephone book in the yellow pages under Bail Bonds.


Sentenced inmates are released at 9:00 am on his/her outdate. They can be picked up in the front lobby of the jail anytime after 9:00 am. Please note that they may not get out right at that time. Please be patient with our release process.


Professional visits are requested by contacting the Program Staff and requesting to meet with an inmate. All visits will be non-contact unless otherwise approved. By setting up an appointment we can assist you better with a fast and efficient meeting with your client. To contact Program Staff, please call 320-214-6700 x3616, x3632, or x3633. We will work with you on a time to come in to visit your client but we request that you understand that we have necessary lockdowns for formal counts for inmates.


To write to an inmate or send money (money order or cashier's check only)

Follow the example below:

 John Doe (Inmate’s name)
 Kandiyohi County Jail
 2201 23rd ST NE Suite 101
 Willmar, MN 56201

NOTE: All inmate mail is screened daily with the exception of legal mail.


We request that you bring as little with you as possible. Body piercing jewelry, earrings, rings, keys, etc. would be better kept at home. If you take any prescription medications we ask that you bring it in a prescription bottle. If you are coming in for Huber or Community Service work while you are in jail, we ask that you follow the informational sheet that is given to you at the time of meeting with Program Staff.


Public Fingerprinting is available daily for a $10.00 per Individual charge between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. with the exception of the following times daily: 11:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.; 4:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. No fingerprinting is done on Fridays after 4:30 p.m. The agency requesting the Fingerprints will supply fingerprint cards.  Please bring a valid ID, and $10 cash, as checks are not accepted.  We do not have change so bring the correct amount. 


We do not accept phone calls for inmates. Only emergency messages will be relayed. To set up pre-payment for telephone calls, you can call the Reliance Telephone company at 800-896-3201, or you can purchase pre-paid phone cards online at or  Inmates may also purchase phone cards through the canteen system. 


Kandiyohi County Sheriff’s Office - Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA)
The Kandiyohi County Sheriff’s Office has a zero-tolerance for sexual abuse. The Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003 is a federal law that seeks to eliminate sexual assaults and sexual misconduct.

PREA Overview
The Kandiyohi Sheriff’s Office has a zero tolerance policy toward all forms of sexual abuse and sexual harassment in our facility, under the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) 2003. We will enforce all federal, state, and local laws pertaining to inmate sexual misconduct. All reports will be fully investigated, which includes both allegations of sexual abuse or sexual harassment, by the Kandiyohi County Jail and the Kandiyohi County Sheriff's Office Investigative Division.

Under PREA, we have established uniform methods for prompt reporting and investigation of allegations of sex-related offenses or threats, identification of predators, protection of victims, and prescribing sanctions for substantiated sexual offenses, as well as false allegations. This standard is directed to all sexual acts relating to: inmate to inmate, inmate to staff and staff to inmate.

Inmates who are currently or have been sexually assaulted are encouraged to talk to a staff member. This will allow for the quickest response.

If you suspect that an inmate is the victim of sexual assault/harassment, it can be reported in 1 of the following ways:

  • Contact the Kandiyohi County Jail Administration Office during regular business hours at 320-214-6700 ext. 3670 and you will be directed to someone who can take the information.
  • Call the Kandiyohi County Jail and request to speak with a Shift Supervisor to make a report at 320-214-6700 ext. 3600
  • Call Sexual Assault Advocate at 320-222-4030 with the option to remain anonymous.


Inmate on Inmate Complaint

Sexual Abuse

Sexual Harassment


Unfounded Allegations

 0  0

Unsubstantiated Allegations

 1  1

Substantiated Allegations

 0  1
 Staff on Inmate Complaint  Sexual Abuse  Sexual Harassment
 Unfounded Allegations  0 1
 Unsubstantiated Allegations  0 0
 Substantiated Allegations  0  0


2016 Kandiyohi Final PREA Audit Report




Kandiyohi County Jail

Annual Report 2017

Mission Statement

The Kandiyohi County Sheriff’s Office has a responsibility to provide quality public safety services by receiving and responding to calls for assistance in an efficient and professional manner.  This office will honor and respect individual’s rights and will enforce all laws by apprehending the individuals who violate them.  This office will have a trustful and trusting partnership with our community to identify, address, and solve community concerns.

The Kandiyohi County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for the detention of offenders and will provide a safe and secure facility for them; following all laws and standards.

The Kandiyohi County Sheriff’s Office will strive to meet the ever-changing needs of our community.

The current Kandiyohi County Jail was occupied in January of 2001 with an indirect/direct supervision construction and consists of 190 beds.  The jail is divided into two separate “pods”.  Delta Pod is divided into two housing units with one housing 32 minimum security inmates and the other unit housing 54 medium security inmates.  Charlie Pod is divided into seven units with one housing eight male inmates and six units housing 16 (male or female) inmates.

The Kandiyohi County Jail utilizes the Department of Corrections 2911 Rules to ensure that the jail is meeting all requirements.  In the last 15 years, the jail has not received less than 90% on the DOC yearly inspections. Since the new jail opened, we have received 99% or above in all categories of the inspection.

The Kandiyohi County Jail has 50 full-time employees:

  • Captain/Jail Administrator
  • Lieutenant/Assistant Jail Administrator
  • Jail Secretary
  • Four Sergeants
  • 28 Correctional Officers
  • Program Director
  • One Program staff
  • One Recreation Officer
  • Nine Transport/ Cover Officers
  • Three Court Security/ Cover Officers


Since 2001, we have assisted many other counties and/or government agencies with boarding their inmates for various reasons.  In 2017, we boarded inmates from seventeen other counties/agencies.  In 2017, we also started boarding detainees from ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement).  We had a boarding contract with ICE since 2001 but it was not used until 2017.  Our average daily population was 156 inmates, of which 83 were boarders. Total days boarded for 2017 was 30,243 days, generating $1,697,074.36 in revenue.

In 2017, the jail/courthouse booked and processed 2,479 individuals. Of those bookings, 1,956 were male and 523 were female. We also processed 43 juveniles at our booking station located at the court house.

The jail contracts with Summit Foods formally A’viand’s Food Service to administer dietary needs to jail inmates and is capable of preparing and serving up to a thousand meals per day.

The Kandiyohi County Jail utilizes video visitation for jail inmate visits.  In 2017, the jail started using Turnkey Corrections for video visitation.  This added the option for family and friends of inmates to visit remotely from other computers saving them from driving to the jail lobby to visit.   Inmates are allowed to have video visits every day of the week.  Our DOC (Department of Corrections) and ICE inmates are allowed glass visits on Saturdays and Sundays.

Revenue Recapture is utilized to reclaim some of the inmate medical and dental expenses and in 2017 we recovered approximately $5018.39. This figure includes our medical canteen recapture.

Kandiyohi County inmates are required to pay a $15.00 booking fee.  In 2017 the jail collected $15449.61 in booking fees. Unpaid accounts are either submitted to our collection agency or submitted to Revenue Recapture.

Kandiyohi County charges convicted inmates $20.00 per day for a Pay for Stay fee. If an inmate pays this fee within seven days of being released, they receive a 20% discount and only pay $16.00 per day. We also collect $16.00 per day from inmates that are granted work release. In 2017 the Jail collected approximately $72,437.02 in Pay for Stay and Work Release fees. This includes what has been paid directly to the jail and paid by the collection agency.

The Jail provides public fingerprinting for a $10 fee. In 2017 our staff fingerprinted 255 people and collected $2550 for this service.

The Electronic Home Monitoring department had 212 clients during 2017. Twelve of which were juveniles, compared to 175 clients with 17 juveniles in 2016.

The jail contracts with the canteen company Turnkey Corrections.  The jail also contracts inmate phone service through Reliance Telephone Company.  Employees with Turnkey are responsible for all vending machines and canteen products for the inmates. Family members are able to put money on an inmate’s canteen account by mail, online, or in person through a kiosk in our jail lobby. The jail receives a percentage of the commission on the canteen items sold. Family members are also capable of purchasing telephone cards and hygiene products online. The amount of commission our jail received in 2017 was $152,463.97 which includes totals from Turnkey Corrections and Reliance Telephone Company.

In 2017, the jail added inmate texting devices through Reliance Telephone Company in order to try to keep up with technology.  This service allows the inmates to text friends and family instead of using phones.  There is a fee for using this service which is included in the above commission total.

The total revenue generated by the Jail for 2017 was $1,900,160.19.


The Kandiyohi County Jail has correctional officers certified as instructors in the following areas:

  • PPCT Defensive Tactics
  • PPCT Spontaneous Knife Defense
  • PPCT Ground Avoidance Ground Escape
  •  PPCT Use of Force; Aerosol Chemical Agents
  •  Taser X26P
  •  American Heart Association (AHA) BLS-CPR
  •  First Aid and AED
  •  NOVA RACC belt
  •  How to Run a Direct Supervision Housing Unit
  • Hostage Negotiations 
  • Field Training Officers (training new officers)

Most of the training officers in our facility are certified to teach multiple courses.  Utilizing our own officers as instructors decreases the cost of training for the jail and increases camaraderie between the officers.

The MN Department of Corrections (DOC) requires that Correctional Officers receive a minimum of 16 hours of training per year. In 2016 correctional officers averaged 29.63 hours of training.  In addition, the average number of hours per the four Correctional Sergeants was 38.46.


In 2017 the Kandiyohi County Jail Program Department consisted of three staff members that work to encourage inmate participation in jail programs on a daily basis. Inmates are encouraged to take a self-motivating role in bettering themselves upon release from jail. Program staff can offer numerous programs for inmates but it is ultimately the inmate’s responsibility to be prepared and ready for class when staff arrives to escort them to programs. The Program Department prides itself on utilizing local agencies to participate in providing supportive, informational and educational classes to inmates as well as program staff sharing their own talents with the inmates. This is a cost saving approach that is a win, win situation for the county, agencies, staff and inmates alike.

The following is a list of the programs provided for inmates at the Kandiyohi County Jail in 2017:

Anger Management                                                 Narcotics Anonymous

Women’s Bible Study & Crafts                              Serve Safe Management Certificate

Alcoholics Anonymous                                            Set Free Prison Ministry

Movie Night                                                               Women’s Bible Study

Q & A Child Support                                                Gideon’s ministry

Incredible Years Parenting program                      GED – Adult Basic Education

Cognitive Thinking                                                   Wood burning

English as a Second Language                                Huber-Work Release

Community Service                                                  Sentence to Service

CPR classes                                                                 Library & Law Library

Inmate Workers/Buoy Making                                Religious Videos

Arts & Crafts                                                              Sewing/Looming/Quilting

The Bull Pen -Discussion Group                             MN Teen Challenge

Catholic Ministry                                                       Spanish Bible Study    

One to One Chaplin                                                Guest speakers                       

Within & Beyond the Prison Bars                                      

Inmates also have the ability to receive information on applying for a birth certificate, social security card as well as detailed personalized requirements of what they will need to obtain a valid driver’s license. Jail inmates can also be connected with contact information to the following community based programs such as the Women’s Shelter House, Heartland Community Action Agency as well as the Sexual Assault & Violence Center.

While in custody, inmates have the opportunity to learn how to use a loom to make knit scarves, knit hats and blankets, as well as sweater mittens. At times we place a holiday tree in the lobby of the jail with a sign posted “Kandiyohi County Jail Inmate Giving Tree” ~ Handcrafted by our inmates, the items on this tree are free and available to families/visitors of inmates of the Kandiyohi County Jail. In previous years, inmates have made such items as tie blankets, lap blankets, Afghans and knitted hats. In 2017, we donated 2 blankets, 32 scarves and 5 hats to organizations such as the Women’s Shelter, Hope Pregnancy Center and the Kandiyohi County Boys & Girls Group homes.  Inmates take great pride in knowing that the work that they are doing is being appreciated in the community.

Occasionally we have the opportunity for a guest speaker to meet with the inmates. Over the years we’ve had guests such as Sheila Ray Charles. The daughter of the legendary musician Ray Charles. Sheila delivered a heart wrenching story of abuse, crack cocaine and prison through her music and story of her personal journey to salvation. Inmates were touched and inspired hearing her story and felt a connection to the singer.  In 2017 Cody James Ministries came to the Kandiyohi County Jail and brought the gospel message with the combination of original music and the personal testimony of Cody James and his 25 year battle of addiction. Author Patrick Day spoke about his book “How To Stay Out Of Jail” and provided a copy of his book to each inmate that attended his presentation.

Education classes are provided through Willmar Public Schools / Adult Basic Education. We have one instructor that works approximately 12 hours, three days a week.  Students are required to pass five subject tests in order to obtain their GED. A number of students begin the first steps to obtaining their GED while in jail by continually practicing on the subject. For many students this is a huge accomplishment as it is just one step closer to accomplishing their goal and meeting the conditions of their court order. Students that attended studied basic math, reading, writing, English, nutrition & family relationships, job search skills, keyboarding, life skills, computer skills and career & college exploration.

In order to encourage inmate participation we conduct surveys that allow inmates to critique the programs that are currently being provided for them. The Program Department also uses this as a tool to review current programs and to make any necessary changes in either adding or canceling certain programs. Inmate responsibility is the key ingredient to attendance in jail programs and all jail programs are behavior based, i.e. negative behavior in the housing unit disqualifies inmates for programs.


Inmates have the opportunity to exercise a minimum of seven hours a week in either of our two gyms.  Multiple cameras ensure safety and security in the gyms as well as proper use of equipment. The recreation department also works in conjunction with the jail medical staff to ensure that any restrictions or doctor ordered rehab for the inmates is adhered to. The recreation department implements programs and different forms of exercise for inmates to relieve stress and tension.


In the D pod gym, inmates have the opportunity to use a Pec Deck, treadmill, table tennis, a multi-fit station, weight station and an exercise bike. In the C pod gym, inmates play basketball, horse, 21, speed, volleyball, handball, doubles handball, or they can walk or run. The inmates can also have access to TV and workout DVD’s.

A bulletin board in the D pod gym contains information on diet and exercise, sports related news, and important announcements.




The Kandiyohi County Jail has utilized volunteers for decades, but since the expansion of the jail in 2001, there was never as high of a need, nor as many volunteers as we have now. As a community, we are fortunate to have so many citizens volunteer their time and talent to the county jail.

We currently have 50 volunteers at the jail and of those, 26 are very active.  Their combined hours of service for 2017 totaled 1,865.50 hours. The average for those 26 was 71.75 per person.

Volunteering is a great way to contribute to the community and gain experience, yet it also fosters personal growth. We have not heard one person say, “I’m only a volunteer”. There is a high level of respect and pride for our volunteers at the jail. Their service and longevity attests to their sense of respect and pride for what they do for the inmates. The community and jail both benefit by having a safer and more secure jail. It benefits the inmates to have something to do, someone to talk to, to listen to them, to advise them or just to be there for them when no one else is.

 You cannot put a price tag on their efforts because often times the payoff for their work with the inmates may be long term. The benefit the staff and community receive, as a result, is invaluable.  The programs department continues to make the promise of new programs and new volunteers as long as the Kandiyohi County Jail stays in service.




The Transport/ Cover Division consists of 9 correctional officers and is supervised by the jail lieutenant.  When not on transports these officers are used to assist with inmate management and also provide shift coverage.  One of the correctional officer’s main duties is working with our medical department but is also available for transport if needed. The transport officers’ responsibilities include transporting prisoners to court, medical and dental appointments, and court ordered placements. We transport from the Community Behavioral Health Hospitals, Rice Hospital, and Prairie Lakes Youth Programs to court and many other various places. Many hours of the Transport Division are centered on transporting incarcerated prisoners to and from state facilities. The Transport Division also assists the Sheriff’s Office Deputies with warrant pick-ups. 

The Transport/ Cover Division maintains a fleet of four squad cars, two minivans, and one full-size 13-passenger van. Two of the vans are divided with partitions so we are able to transport both male and female inmates together without them having any physical contact with each other. This saves both on transport vehicles and transport officers. 

In 2017 the Transport Division transported 2,742 inmates, which consist of 2,128 male prisoners, 521 female prisoners and 91 juvenile offenders. Of those offenders transported, 397 were boarded inmates and agency assist transports. We have logged approximately 82,581 miles, an average of 6,881 miles per month. Transport mileage increased by 25,522 miles from the previous year with 121 more inmates.  One of the reasons for this increase was an agreement with Clay County Jail to do a transport once a week to their jail.  This was agreed on because of the large number of inmates being boarded with us and the revenue generated from that.  Plus, this helped Clay County transport who are still transporting to our jail 3 days a week. By transporting inmates to prison, transporting boarded inmates to appointments and assisting other agencies, we generated revenue totaling $9,922 in 2017.


Kandiyohi County (8th Judicial District) has three chambered judges that work solely out of the Kandiyohi County Courthouse. The courtrooms are also utilized by visiting judges from other counties. These judges oversee Kandiyohi County cases.

The Court Security Division consists of one full-time armed licensed Kandiyohi County Sheriff Deputy and three full time correctional officers. The deputy and correctional officers are responsible for safety and security of the Court House, assisting at the front desk where the public passes through the metal detector, serving papers and serving warrants. They are also responsible for monitoring the 4 court rooms, building hallways and parking lots.  In 2017, a x-ray machine was added to the front lobby so carried in items can be searched more efficiently.

The correctional officers are also responsible for fingerprinting for summons, first appearances, traffic court and juveniles on felony charges as well as taking DNA if need be.  The correctional officer working at the courthouse are also responsible for wellbeing checks of inmates held in court holding cells in the old jail, connected to the courthouse.  If there is a jury trial scheduled, additional correctional officers are called in to supervise the jury and provide security in the courtroom. 


The Correctional Staff are in charge of the inmates 24 hours a day. They receive and book them into the jail upon their arrival and search, shower and give them the proper jail clothing to change into. They inventory all of the inmates’ belongings. Any money the inmate comes in with is put onto Turnkey Commissary system so the inmates can make authorized purchases within the jail. This system is also utilized for booking and medical charges and payments toward Huber, electronic home monitoring and pay for stay. Booking officers also perform a health assessment of each inmate and make any necessary medical referrals. All medical assessments are given to the medical unit for further assessments.

Inmates are then assigned a housing unit where they are held until released. These housing units are staffed 24 hours a day by correctional officers who help coordinate all activities of each inmate in that particular housing unit. These activities include, but are not limited to, cleaning, delivering inmate meals, escorts to visiting, meetings with lawyers or probation, attending classes and program activities that go on throughout the day

During the daytime hours inmates are expected to get up and eat breakfast, clean their rooms, and take their turn on the clean-up crew to service the communal living area. Inmates are encouraged to attend recreation and activities through programs. Smoking is prohibited in the jail by staff and inmates alike, as our county is tobacco free.

All activities that go on in the jail are monitored by our Central Control, which is staffed by correctional officers. They monitor cameras and have control of all secured doors in the facility. All entrances into the jail facility have a sally port and have an interlocking door system.


The Kandiyohi County Jail Medical Unit has contracted jail medical services through MEND Correctional Care.  MEND provides two full time nurses Monday through Friday and one nurse for four hours on each Saturday and Sunday.  Correctional nurses provide nursing services to all inmates that are held in the jail.  MEND also have Health Tech’s that do all med passes to the inmates, something that used to be done by the officers.  MEND has a medical provider that comes in two days a week and a mental health provider that comes in one day a week. With the addition of the Health Tech’s we have someone in medical most days of the week from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm, before it was 7:00 am to 3:30 pm, Monday through Friday.  MEND also provides a 24 hour on call nurse and provider, which was something we did not have with Public Health.

Inmates coming into the jail have a wide range of medical needs from serious medical conditions, injuries, drug and alcohol related health problems, disabilities, mental health concerns/ diagnosis, and pregnancy, to minor or no health problems.  The jail medical staff like a clinic outside of the jail treats these wide ranges of health concerns while these inmates are in custody and will make referrals to outside medical or mental health specialists for concerns that they cannot treat here or for follow-up appointments upon inmate’s release.  

In 2017, the correctional health nurses conducted 5589 in-house nursing visits for inmates.  There were a total of 538 clinic visits conducted on-site by the jail providers (Nurse Practitioner, MD and mental health provider).  Because of the increased medical needs of the inmates there were only 111 outside referral medical appointments which involved transporting inmates outside of the jail to other appointments to mostly local dental and medical providers but also providers in the St Cloud area and Twin-Cities metro area.  With MEND, we saw a large decrease in the number of inmates referred to outside medical appointments. 

Correctional health nursing staff provided the following services for inmates:

•          Health assessments

•          Mantoux (Tuberculosis) testing

•          Sick call (seen the inmates upon request for an medical issue)

•          Medical, mental and dental referrals

•          First aid

•          Preventive health services and health promotion

•          Set up, reorder and supervision of inmate medication delivery

The correctional health nursing staff also provide:

•          Training/ education for the medical component of the annual training for the Jail staff

•          Annual Mantoux (Tuberculosis) testing for Sheriff’s Office employees.


The Kandiyohi County Jail has and will stay true to our mission of providing a safe and secure detention facility for offenders; following all laws and standards.