Emergency Preparedness


Emergency Preparedness

Why is this important?
A key role of local health departments, along with health care partners, is planning.  We must prepare and practice in order to respond to an event while considering the impacts to people in our community when public health, health care or behavioral health systems are compromised or unavailable during and after a disaster.

Be Ready: Prepare, Plan, Stay Informed
A public health emergency is anything that causes, or could cause injuries or illness to a large number of people. Public health emergencies include the following:

  • Infectious disease outbreaks/pandemics
  • Health-endangering effects of severe weather, natural disasters and power outages
  • Incidents resulting in mass casualties
  • Toxic chemical or radiological releases
  • Acts of bioterrorism.

If you have a non-emergency question about any type of a public health emergency, call Kandiyohi County Health and Human Services at (320) 231-7800 during regular business hours, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday

Visit our Emergency Resources and Reporting webpage for information, telephone numbers, and websites.

What can you do to be ready?

Prepare for Emergencies (Ready.gov)
Emergency Planning for you and your family
Build a KIT
Preparing Makes Sense - Get Ready Now
People with disabilities and special needs
Pandemic Influenza Readiness

Plan for Emergencies
Make a Plan
Preparedness Calendar
Take 5 to Survive
• Home Hazard Hunt
Business Planning
Caring for Animals

Stay Informed
Kandiyohi County Citizen Alert System (Everbridge)
Be Informed
Get Involved

Volunteer for Minnesota Responds

Minnesota Responds is a partnership that integrates local, regional, and statewide volunteer programs to assist our public health and healthcare systems during a disaster. Major emergencies can overwhelm the capabilities of hospitals and clinics, particularly during the first 12 - 72 hours of a large scale emergency. Volunteers during this critical time can play an important role to improve overall response capabilities.

Whether you work in a health field or not, active or retired, if you have an interest in assisting your community or state during a health crisis, we invite you to register in the Minnesota. Click here for more information.


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Additional Resources


Red Cross Phone Apps
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ECHO Minnesota

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Safe Kids on the Go
TIKE: Toddler Info Kept for Emergencies
Child identity sticker

SAMHSA Disaster Phone app for behavioral health responders

Disaster Information Management Research Center

Homeland Security and FEMA

Disaster Distress Helpline: 10800-98505990 or text "talkwithus" to 66746

"Text First - Talk Second"

Public Health Emergency Facebook Page Link

KIDS: Fun and games

CDC Public Health Emergency

CDC Public Health Emergency Newsroom
Click on the above links to reach the most current, up-to-date breaking news from the Centers for Disease Control.