Minnesota Health Care Programs include

 Medical Assistance (MA)
♦ MinnesotaCare
♦ Minnesota Family Planning Program
♦ Home and community-based waiver programs
♦ Medicare Savings Programs.

Apply through MNsureMinnesota’s health insurance market place.

These programs may help pay for all or part of your health care costs if you: 
♦ Do not have insurance.
♦ Cannot get affordable health insurance through a job.
♦ Have a disability or chronic condition and need help paying for
   care and services to stay in your home.
♦ Need help paying for care in a nursing home, hospital or
   other medical facility.
Have other insurance or Medicare but need help paying the
   premiums, deductibles and copays or need services not covered.

See Who is eligible for more information about who can get help.

To see if you can get coverage, we may need information about:
♦ Your income
♦ Items you own, such as property you do not live in or
   bank accounts
♦ Health insurance you have or can get
♦ Your disability
♦ Anything else required by law.

 How to apply for application forms, answers to questions, and more.

If you qualify for coverage, you may need to pay:
♦ A monthly premium
♦ Copays for certain services
♦ Part of your income towards your health care costs.

How much you pay depends on the program you qualify for, your household size, income, age, pregnancy status, and if you are blind or have a disability. For example, pregnant women and children usually do not pay anything. See Who is eligible for more information.

Most people get their health care services through a health plan. You choose your health plan from those offered in the county where you live. You will get information in the mail if you need to choose a plan.

If you do not qualify for coverage, you may qualify for an Advanced Premium Tax Credit (APTC). An APTC allows you to take a federal credit right away to pay part or all of your health care premium when you enroll in a health plan through MNsure, Minnesota’s health insurance market place.



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