Assessor Forms

Homestead Applications

Owner Occupied / Relative and Agricultural Homestead

  • You must have owned and occupied the property as your primary residence by no later than December 1st and application must be received at the Assessor's office no later than December 15th of the current year to be eligible for homestead in the next payable year.
  • For manufactured homes, the application is due by May 29th for taxes payable in the current year.
Blind / Disabled Homestead

  • To apply for class 1b blind/disabled homestead, you must complete the appropriate application with your County Assessor by October 1st for taxes payable the next year.
  • Your disability or blindness must have occurred on or before June 30 of the year your are filing for the special homestead classification.  You must attach the appropriate documentation proving that you are blind/disabled (see information in the Fact Sheet below).
Disabled Veterans Homestead

  • You must apply by July 1 to qualify for the exclusion on the current year's market value for taxes payable next year (except for manufactured homes assessed as personal property, which are taxed in the same year they are assessed).
  • Applications are due annually, except for veterans with a total (100 percent) and permanent disability.
  • Any application received after July 1 of the assessment year will not be considered until the following assessment year.
  • Surviving spouses of service members who die in active duty may apply for initial exclusion within two years of the death of the service member.

Special Agricultural Homestead

Exempt Applications

    • Please call our office for the correct application.
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